Not much happened this week. The handover process is well underway and there if not much left now to handover. It was my last full week in Manchester.


This week was my last full week in Manchester working in the Department for Education offices with the dxw team.

I spent most of the week working with my replacement - Rich - on handing over all the bits and pieces I’ve worked on, creating some docs with access information. I also learnt how to transfer a heroku app from my own account to another.

Made some changes to the prototype while working with Rich and the service designer.


I’ve managed to get quite a few changes done to my personal website as I convert it to a static site. I converted my 404 page to nunjucks and also removed the jQuery dependency.

I had a list of companies I’ve worked for that is shown on the work page, but the last 4 get repeated on the homepage - I moved the list of companies into a JSON file and on the homepage, I only show the first 4 companies, while on the work page, it shows the entire list.

Had to figure out how to achieve this with nunchucks and I did it using the following code:

  {%- for i in range(0, 4) -%}
  {% set item = companies[i] %}
  <div class="four cols">
    <div class="client">
      <img class="client__logo" src="/assets/imgs/work/clients/{{ companies[i].img }}" alt="{{ companies[i].img.alt }}">
  {%- endfor -%}

I’m really enjoying this side project of converting my PHP CMS based website to a static site as well as working with Netlify - learning quite a few new things along the way. Hopefully next week I will hope on Twitch and do a bit of streaming - just to get used to talking about the code I’m writing.



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